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Solar Filming

Mazglaze offer a world class window filming application service which is second to none in the market place.

There are many types of window film available for a wide variety of users from solar heat reduction to UV protection, privacy to safety and security, decorative applications to heat retention.

Our range of High Performance Energy Saving films specifically target and block from 53% up to 99% (depending on the film you choose) of the Near Infra Red rays of the solar spectrum (the heat carrier in the solar spectrum) whilst allowing the Ultra Violet Blue rays (Day Light emitting rays) of the solar spectrum to pass through thus blocking maximum heat and permitting maximum light to pass through. All our films also block 99% of Ultra Violet rays of the solar spectrum (main cause for fading of interiors like laminated furniture, fabric, carpets paints, which in return release VOC’s or volatile organic compounds that lead to toxic inhalations by occupants of a facility).

By reducing the load factor on your chilling unit by way of effective chilling (reduced heat gain and elimination of hot and cold spots indoors) on lowest comfortable thermostat settings and eliminating day time lighting requirement due to high visible ligth transmission through your glazing, this product will save energy and this reflects eventually on your energy consumption costs as a saving. You can enjoy a saving from 20% to 35%.

Only products that meet strict criteria on energy efficiency can carry the label Energy Saving Trust Recommended label.

The idea is that whatever the product, whichever the labelling system - all you need to do is look for the Energy Saving Trust Recommended label when you go shopping.

Our methods and experience offer a range of solutions to suit most situations. Mazglaze aims to offer you the best technicians to ensure that you will receive the highest quality of work, as well as the best value for money.

A skillfully applied solution has multiple components. The correct film needs to be selected, whether the installation is carried out internally or externally impacts on performance, which aspects of the building need to be considered as does other factors that may affect the natural light. These need to be considered for both new build and retrofit solutions. 

How to maximise natural light while keeping offices and commercial interiors comfortable is a recurring dilemma for the building services professional and homeowner alike.

There can build up to uncomfortable temperatures for occupants, particularly where desks are positioned near windows or glass curtain walling arrangements. Maintaining an ambient environment will increase costs as the reaction is often to increase air conditioning burn, relying on mechanical ventilation to combat the problem and driving up the associated carbon emissions.

Even new glass do not have the capabilities or characteristics of a solar film application. A solar film is a specially designed film that can be nearly invisible once installed. As an upgrade to your current glazing system, it can reduce your outlay financially by around 20 times the cost of glass replacement.