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Solar Filming

In a bomb blast, when a building envelope is compromised, much of the damage, nearly 80% of deaths are attributed to flying glass and blast pressure-bourne debris.

Life and property is compromised by shards of flying glass and other shrapnel. Furnishings, carpeting and computers are frequently ruined to the point of replacement.

Mazglaze installs protective films and attachement systems on the interior of the glass and contains glass failure, minimizing risk to life and property. This virtually invisible protection is your last line of defense in glass failure. Multiple layers of strong, clear, special grade polyester film is bonded together with a unique adhesive to agrresively bond with your glass and further, the retention system ensures the glass and film are contained to your frame to form a shield to absorb the positive blast wave and protect occupants of the building and save lives and property. Other specialized films prevent the propagation of electro-magnetic radiation to offer security to advanced businesses such as Government and Banks.